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Dug has a history of leading successful products and companies to solve pressing security problems. Dug spent 7 years as founding Chief Security Architect at Arbor Networks , protecting 80% of the world's Internet service providers, and growing to $120M+ annual revenue before its acquisition by Danaher.

Before Arbor, Dug built the first commercial network anomaly detection system (acquired by NFR / CheckPoint ), and managed security in the world's largest production Kerberos environment (University of Michigan).

Dug's contributions to the security community include popular open source security ( OpenSSH , libdnet , dsniff ), distributed filesystem ( NFSv4 ), and operating system ( OpenBSD ) projects, and cofounding the USENIX Workshop On Offensive Technologies ( WOOT ).

Twitter: @dugsong

Areas of Expertise: Information Security Generalist, Security Technology Generalist, Data Breaches